Oct 25, 2016

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Sometimes Entrepreneurs Fail – Wake Up Now Biz

Wake Up Now is a Provo-based multi-level marketing company (MLM) stated that it will cease operations effective immediately on Monday, Feb. 16, 2015.


On their company’s Facebook page, it has a letter from the ‘now’ CEO, Phil Polich, which he states that the former CEO, Kirby Cochran, took advantage of the CEO office.

Founded in 2009, really took off in late 2013, which was by a couple of smart guys from Utah.

They sold products ranging from energy drinks to learning languages to financial management and much more. In the December episode of ‘This American Life’,  the reporters stated it was difficult to tell what they actually offered…lol…even after attending the company’s conference.

“Even after being at this conference for several hours, if you put a gun to my head and asked me what WakeUpNow is, what it does, I still don’t think I could’ve told you,” one of the reporters, Reed, said in the episode.

Wake Up Now did draw an urban type of crowd, that’s for sure.

What was pretty cool at the time was that they actually had creative people on board doing some great videos.

Watch one of their videos below:

Funny thing is the same ‘American Life’ reporters interviewed Robert FitzPatrick, who is a researcher specializing in pyramid schemes. As far as FitzPatrick is concerned, WakeUpNow is a pyramid scheme and he went so far as to call it an economic cult.


“It’s not uncommon to see companies like this flash and crash,” FitzPatrick said in an interview with the Daily Herald. “What makes WakeUpNow significant is the wild enthusiasm that it generated among young people. It was not just young people, but it was often people of color.”

The creative side of WakeUpNow created a sense of extraordinary excitement and hope. As with all multi-level-marketing companies, the top members would tell all that they would find wealth and create success through this company.

Awww, even though the company itself had disclosed that 97% of the people in it never made any money at all.


Lemme just tell you that over 50%, if not more, of our members make money and enough to replace their jobs!

Okay, so back to the review.

This companies pattern was basically one of the ‘hottest’ things, attracting many even from other MLMs and then within 24 months time, the reality of the company showed itself and it crashed!

Some fail but they never give up!

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Sep 20, 2016

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Long Beach Realty – Being an Entrepreneur

long beach realtyRecently, there seems to be an increase in the way of Entrepreneurship and Business Owners among the people. With the expanding populace, came the requirement for picking a job to wind up business as Long Beach Realty has accomplished. Because of the absence of steady employments and the expansion in the quantities of unworthy occupations more individuals needed to decide in a way that was free. In the journey for having a steady occupation, the greater part of the general population began to go for broke by beginning their own particular little organizations so as to increase most extreme advantages. Picking a profession way to pick up a benefit for the whole deal is an essential motivation behind why individuals settle on business enterprise. They would actually talk about their accomplishments at: http://www.longbeachrealtors.org/

Long Beach Realty Knows about Being an Entrepreneur

long beach realtyKeeping up a dependable wellspring of pay is the best and an essential approach to making a steady employment. Remembering this, working for yourself and having things in your control are what greater part of the general population wish to do with their lives. To satisfy this need, business visionaries begin their own particular business to control their profession. The vast majority working in the corporate world can’t satisfy their wishes. Having the charge and the power over the sort of work you need to do is an advantage most business people appreciate.


Long Beach Realty knows true entrepreneurship: http://www.longbeachrealtors.org/

The best viewpoint about being in the worldwide commercial center as a business person is that you will reap what you sow. This implies each one of the business people will ready to profit by their diligent work. The sole motivation behind picking business enterprise as a way of life is to control your organization, be a free pioneer of your group and pick precisely what goes around in your working environment. You have control over your own life and although there may be hardships, you should be able to work around it.

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Sep 20, 2016

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Topic of Entrepreneurship – LA SEO

LA SEOThe market is changing as people’s way of thinking changes. If previously most people were content to be an employee, many today wish to enter the Entrepreneurship and Business Owners and become their own boss. Just like LA SEO, they wish to survive with their own power and stand on their own two feet. Business gives business visionaries the upside of settling on the right choices that will profit them in an ideal way. This is an awesome chance to be free and pave your profession the way that any business visionary may incline toward.With such propelled innovation and the expanding requests of the business sector for more creative thoughts in the corporate world formed numerous people into learning business visionaries.

The Prominence of Entrepreneurship LA SEO

LA SEOThe sole reason for furnishing the corporate world with more inventive thoughts in would like to pick up benefit prompted the expansion in new organizations. The LA SEO business visionaries turned out to be increasingly imaginative by thinking of creative thoughts for the business sector. Despite the fact that most business visionaries had the principle reason to profit themselves, it had a colossal effect on the extension of the corporate world. Alongside some different orders, investigation of the enterprise is likewise clearing its way as a critical sub-discipline in numerous colleges and schools.

This fundamentally implies present day youth is widely inspired by seeking after enterprise as a path they wish to take in life.Due to this reason, a few courses have been acquainted related with business. Like some other imperative and famous control, the business enterprise is additionally becoming more and more prominent quickly. Today, more individuals are supportive of getting to be autonomous in their expert professions, subsequently, there are fewer reactions to be confronted by any trying business visionary. All in all, entrepreneurship is going to become a huge topic as stated by LA SEO. You can find them at http://www.seoexpertlongbeach.com/

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